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Khaddi Suits - Georgette / Munga / Silk

Handmade Pure Khaddi Georgette / Munga / Silk Suits Dupattas with bottom.  

Immerse Yourself in Ismaily's Artistic Creations.

Khaddi Georgette - Silver (Rupa) Zari

Presenting the Best Seller Khaddi Georgette of all time which defines the... 

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Khaddi Georgettes

Khaddi is a word mainly used with Georgettes, but its also used with other fabrics i.e. Munga, Organza, Katan,etc. It actually means weaved by hand or handmade.

Nowadays, people are using ''khaddi'' with impure or non-handwoven products to increase there sell. Infact, they even don't know the meaning of what its means actually.

We NIM CREATION is a renowned and trust-seal verified manufacturer and wholesaler from 3 generations. Our aim is to reach the unaware customer base and increase the awareness towards the handloom products. We promise to deliver the exact shown and described product to you as it is. We have attached a number of clients to us by our truthful policy and got the faiths that whenever they require something, there first choice is us and we ourself gives each and every effort to reach the exact customer requirement on time and in a reasonable price

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Ismaily Arts is a brand launched by NIM CREATION.

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